Q&A on Saturday March 23 at 11 & 1

For those that would like to know more about the cats but don’t know where to get it we would like to invite you our to 2 Q&A’s on Saturday.

The first is to be held at our very first secondary market.  WK-WILD KINGDOM AUCTIONS RENTALS, Chaillet  The staff over at Speeds market have been extremely supportive to the cats.  This market has a store for all your needs as well as holds auctions on Fridays and has stalls for you to rent and display the cats you would like to sell or trade.




The second of the Q&A’s to be held at one of our newest markets Wild Cats Marketplace, Dunmore Bay, This market is set up and run by Meagy one of our first breeders to join the BETA test back in January.  Meagy has stalls for your cats as well as auction boards for you to sell your cats from.

Wild Cats Marketplace, Dunmore Bay



Both of these locations are great to shop at or to set up your cats at.  We will be at both locations for about an hour to answer any ?s you may have.

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