We have made it even easier

We all know that updating is a important part of keeping things working smoothly.  That is why when Microsoft and Apple send out updates we do them or at least we try to keep up with them.  Our cat software is no different.  As new features are added and defects fixed there is the need to update your animals.  We are looking into ways of making this easier. Some have asked for a bulk updater similar to that of another breedable company (this is still in the works at this time) and we are looking at maybe more of a auto rezzer. What we have come up with and we think you will all like is the webMOOG which can be found in the Portal.

The Portal you say whats that? Where can I find it?  Who knew there was a portal?

Most of you are aware that there is a log in section to our main website mywildkingdom.com. This is how you access your portal. How do you log in? Or what do you do if you forgot your password.  Both are the same answer. Go to any of the store locations and click the “Register for My Portal”.It will give you your user name and password if you have already registered or it will register you and give you a user name and password so you can log in.

Once inside the portal you come to your dashboard. On the right side the top vertical buttons are webMOOG~Animals and webMOOG~Sacks. Each are fairly self explanatory when you click on them.

You can have your cats or sacks sent to you in world if you are offline or on. Remember sl deliver and items getting capped so it might be a good idea to make sure your online. Any items asked to be sent get marked as inactive until you rezz out the new item.

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