WK Q&A Notes

Nice to have you all come out

I would like to introduce Kassidy to all who might not know her, She is a CSR for WK

Q- ok, scale runt? more to come?
Runts can come in a litter of 3 or be passed from a runt

Q- I got a trait counter board yesterday, are those traits correct ?

A – The correct trait counter is on our blog.

Q -There more scales then normal, mini and runt?

A.-sizes may also be added as new breeds to a spices come in to vary the sizes
not sure they can get any smaller

Q So basic runt is mini for tiger then

A. No, there is a runt for the tiger, there is a mini for the tiger
so regular size , mini, and runt, sizes may also be added as new breeds to a spices come in to vary the sizes

A-Minis can happen on a second cub

Q-Ok, is there going be some chart to look this up, sizes?

A-Charts will come but they take out all the surprises
its like telling you whats in that present you just were handed

Q- what about the fur levels for tigers?

Q-Are you asking about the fur charts to see what the furs look like, and eyes?

A- we are working on them , wont be long, we got really busy with the hunt and the web so ,, its a coming
Fur levels are taken from Grandparents and parents and then the current level of the parents and anything that might be on it
so if mom is a level 3 all level 3 furs are added to the mix

Q- is that what you were looking for?

A- yes, but you say, how do I look it up?

A – yes you do, you have two cats, they have stats and parents stats. The parent stats become grandparent stats when they go to make a baby. The baby to come has the parents and the grandparents, it is the future cubs grandparents

Q- Will there be like a pedigree for us to see these grandparents?

A- yes Random is working on it

Q- is there a way to get more that 1 sack in a litter ? I mean I sit with them all the time

A-Regarding how to make the more multi births, is the multi birth not happening enough currently it is a 3 in 10 chance that a litter of 2 will happen

Q-what is the chance of a triplet?

A-Rarest at 1 in 50

Q – is it possible the Cats will have broken teeth ?

A – Yes, The sanctuary cat has it

Q – I am new What is sanctuary?

A – Sanctuary is a reward system that is put in place to keep the market balanced. It is a known fact that we don’t always gets the cub we want. The markets can only pair so much before breeders get frustrated and don’t know what to do. By sending an animal off to WK Sanctuary your able to earn points, which we will call SPV. The SPV points can be uses on items ranging to toys for your cats boosters or Sanctuary animal

A – We tried to make the sanctuary items as varied and helpful and the sanctuary cat does pass some great traits just not the fur

Q – Can you ride the Cats?
A -The Tigers can be ridden at age 10, by right clicking the animal and select ride

Q -Do you think the jaguars and cougars should be ridable?

A – i think it would be a desirable trait if it were made rare
they are a lot smaller
no they aren’t big enough for most avatars
cant imagine runt jag and what it would look like to ride them
I think just the tigers
I have a runt tiger and its the size of a jag and doesn’t look all that silly

But some of the smaller avatars might like to ride them, children and tinies
as a option it just broadens the marketability it isn’t that every one will ride them
i wont but i know a lot of female breeders that would love it

Q -Question about – Sanctuary Cat – It will take aprox 250 average cats to get one? and what will pass on from them to others.

A – That is the only way to get the eye and teeth. No linden amount is associated with the sanctuary cat

Q – pass for sure or random chance to pass?

A – The sanctuary cat has mom dad and grandparents too so not a for sure on passing each time.

Q – Is there a point system for them ?

A – If you want to know what spv ( sanctuary point value ) any particular cat has, go to your dashboard

Q – Is there a place we can see all items available for SVP ?

A – There are two locations for Sanctuary vendors. One is at the main WK sim in Crystal river to the right of the store. The second is at the WK 2 sim located a few M’s to the left of the store.

Q – Looking at what is in sanctuary and what breeders are doing it is approximately 300 cats, isnt that still a lot of cats?
A – It might seem so, however the object is to keep the Sanctuary cat limited. There are also a lot of great toys and boosters in the Sanctuary vendor.

Q – Is the age a large factor in higher SVP ?

A – Yes you’re caring for the animal, we reward you for the care
Sanctuary points are figured out based on the animals age and traits that is has.The older a cat it is the more of a reward it will bring. Other traits have a bonus built in for having them regardless of the level.

Q – Why would anyone sanctuary a high level cat?

A – They do run out of breeding cycles, sanctuary rewards you and them,
so yes i can see a level 5 cat being sent to sanctuary.

Q – So a 91 day old cat is old then?

A – Doesn’t go by age by how many litters it can still produce. Each cat can produce 10 litters. You can breed them one after another, or you can not breed for awhile then decide to breed again later. WK cats do not get too old to breed.

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