Understanding Change

Writing this post to help you all understand why the change was made to how cat traits are counted. Traits are like a guide to help you determine value and huge part of the value should come from rarity. If a item is rare and hard to find it should be of more value. In other breedables it is very hard to know how many of anything is out there other then lots of hours spent trolling the markets to see if others have something just like you.  We provided you all with the rarity calculator which was hard to understand what the value was because you had nothing to measure it with.  Now we have added the conversion on to it and your able to see how rarity can effect traits.

We know were asking you to change your way of thinking and this is not easy to do but we have been asking you to change your way of thinking since the beginning. We are not trying to upset you we are trying to ask you to look at this with a open mind and to see that yes with a little bit of work you will be able to have a much better system to understand the value a cat has especially when compared to all the cats out there by its same species.

So lets take a look at the new way off how to figure out a cat rarity.

Rarity statistics for Animal id: 65447 ~ Wild Kingdom Cat
Species: Jaguar * 39 percent of all animals are Jaguar
Breed: US * 67 percent of all Jaguar are US
Trait Name Percent
Fur Corn Silk~RedSpotted Nose 3 %
Right Eye Emerald 17 %
Left Eye Emerald 17 %
Right Ear Cupped 17 %
Left Ear Curved 46 %
Tail Natural 80 %
Teeth Natural 95 %
Whiskers Natural 76 %
Glow Natural 100 %
Shine Natural 100 %
Scale Natural 91 %

This is a randomly selected cat choose in from the most recent cats born it is a Jaguar so also one of the large groups of cats out there.

Rarity and Traits

Looking at the new WK Rarity and Trait Guide chart we can go through this one step at a time.

Start in the lower right hand corner and we look at Breed and we have a 67 % on breed so this cat does not get the 1 point trait for being a new breed.

Fur this you will need to look at the cat to gets its Level being that most of you judge the fur based on its level we did not want to change this on you. This cats fur level is level 6 so this cat gets a Fur Trait count of 2.

Then looking for the stats that fall under 71 and we see that the eyes are 17 % and they are the same and a original from the Jaguar so we will count them one time at a trait of 4.

The ears are also different so this means we get to look at the counter twice once for each ear. The right cupped ear is a value of 17 % and that gets a conversion of 4 traits. Where the left ear gets a trait count of 2 because 46 % of the ears are this way.

These are now the count able traits

Fur 2

Eyes 4

Right Ear 4

Left Ear 4

For a grand total of 14 traits.

Does this mean that all cats have moved up in the base trait counting yes will they cap out at 22 no. If you read over this chart you can see what types will fall under each section and you can see a few have been added. Will we continue to add traits to the cats YES as they grow the more traits will be needed to make it continue to be fun for you to unlock more and exciting cats.

We felt that the traits needed away to grow with us and to work with you at building a strong more stable market.  After all we want you to feel that you have a market you can depend on. Making this change now after giving you a period of time to see that the old counting way just really didn’t fit us because we had new traits to ad to be counted and where did they go and what was of more value then the others. Basing your value on a combination of rarity and traits really is the smart way to keep a strong market.

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