WK Trait Guide

Well yesterday was a ground breaking day for sure Jaed and I (Kay/ Queen) spent much of the day in conversation with a lot of you who had concerns and questions. It was like a great brainstorming session to us and while yes the Vote is in favoring the Newer system Jaed and My self and Random feel that there may be a better way yet to bring it all together and bring back the balance that we had.

The team has decided that a hybrid of sorts is what is needed and this WK Trait Guide is the result.

This Guide gives a base line to the cats as well as balancing out the Ear and Eye area giving benefit for new Eyes and Ears as they are unlocked. We really feel that it needs no explanation on how it gets figured and is pretty clear in its design so with no further delay. . . . . . . . .

Please Give a Warm Welcome to WK Trait Guide

WK Trait Guide - Final





3 thoughts on “WK Trait Guide

  1. Looks great 🙂 I just have a silly question, if my cat has another breeds eyes is there any trait bonus? Cheers.. Mai

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