Low DOWN on the Lions

Not really sure what to tell you about the lion. We know you all are very excited about the Lion as you should be the Lion is going to be COOL.

Why is the lion taking so long?

The Lion is taking so long because to do the lion right it is really a lot of detail the Female Lion is in someways a separate cat she has no mane so she has to be able to work in all the poses.

The Male Lion has the new trait to the cats this is the Mane of course it has probably been the hardest part to make look right and to be a trait with different shapes.  The Mane of a male lion does not reach its full thickness until they are mature lions. You can expect to see this in our cats too they Males mane will start to grow in at the age of 6 and be full size at the age of 10.

What about Ligers and Tigons?

Lions in real life can make Ligers and can make Tigons. This will be a very rare occurrence and at this point we are still working on it. Will hold all comments on this until we get a bit further along.

Where we are at with it?

Nearly all poses are complete for the lion and the lioness they still need to learn to climb the tree.

Babies are being worked on for those first few days of life more work is need in this area.

Mane Shapes need to be completed

Furs and Mane Textures need to be cataloged.

Liger and Tigons need to have Furs made.

Once all motion is finished we will move into Genetics.

Once all this is done then it is on to testing all of it.  Initial motion test are looking really good.

Think that is everything there maybe one or two more things that need to be done but we know you will just have to be good little boys and girls and wait.

Now this might seem like a overwhelming amount of work to do at the same time of keeping up with the fixes that we are looking into on the cats. You’re right it is but we are right on track. We have not given a released date and we really don’t want to give a release date at this time because there is still so much to do.

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