WE have some new toys for your kitties they have been learning how to use them.  Some of them will be releasing now while we will hold back others that are a bit more Halloween in design.  Among the first of the the new toys is WK Toss the Football this is a hud and ball where your able to throw the ball to a particular cat and they will get it and either bring it back or take it off to play.  We have also a Flutter Bugs these are butterflies that float around a 10×10 area and the cats will hunt them. You may combined these with the Heart Landscape grasses or just use them on the land on its own.  We have a new ball design the first of the Halloween Special Edition Toys.

To get your smarter cats simply MOOG them and they will no how to play with the toys.

Current Cat Version is 1.2.86

Sack Version is 1.9.0 f


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