Seasonal Food Items

We were asked by one of our breeders to bring out some Seasonal Food Items that could be used to decorate the sim.  Well as many of you know we listen to our breeders and if do able we make it happen.

There are now on sale at both of the main sims Canadian Country Lane and Crystal River.

For those of you with a sense of humor.  We have 2 witches legs and a witches hat with a extra prim as a cape which you can use or not use. Now J Jaed of course has a great sense of humor and has some interesting display ideas for you on how best to get a laugh out of these.

For those that love balloons we have a spider and bat and pumpkin stalk for you.  These can be used to ad a bit of festivity to your sim and be practical too they are food for your cats.  They like the other foods are refillable.

Stop by the sim today.

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