The Big ? of the day was. . . .

Everyone at WK gets asked often, “what should I price this cat at?” In the marketing class this was answered many times, without actually telling a breeder an exact amount to price their cats at.

You’ve had a wonderful cat and are so excited about it, but what’s it worth?

A few hints for pricing.
The Rarity calculator is a tool for you to use to count your traits and compare how rare your cat is to other cats on the grid. I know you’re asking how much is a trait valued at? Good question. This is not a simple answer. Fur levels, traits and rarity all go into the price of the cat. But also an important factor only revealed by going out to markets and auctions, and that is, desire. Some furs, traits, species and eyes are always more desirable than others. How these are chosen is by popular demand. Sometimes it’s a name given to a pairing of furs and traits.
We have heard people say they are 500 – 1000 even 2000 a trait is there method of pricing. Again many things go into pricing, rule of thumb is each trait and fur level does have a value attached to it, and the calculator on your dashboard is one terrific way to see how great the cat is.
Crated cats are sold in fur levels 1 – 2 or 3 and the very odd chance of a 4 in Cheetahs.
Crated cats cost 1500L’s for 1, 2500L’s for 2 and 3000L’s for 3. This is what the company feels is the minimum that cats can sell for. Since we get it, why shouldn’t you. Your cats are higher generations and have new traits and furs opened up to them by breeding.

Marketing is extremly important to sell anything. You cannot sell what you do not advertise. No one is just going to drop into your home and ask to buy your cats. You need to advertise and be seen. Rent a few stalls at different location and use those slurl for each add you put out. Advertise in a LOT of groups, not just one or two. If you don’t have time to advertise, hire a company. We use an advertising company to bring new people into our main stores to excite them and get them going. They will not just buy our cats. they instantly want a particular kind. The CSR’s inform them of the classified and web pages.
We also cannot express enough how valuable a good auction or two a week are. Also a great way to meet people and have fun. Take the best you own to them. Let the auctioneers get the crowd fired up and buying the cats and don’t forget the first rule of marketing, you have to buy and sell, not just sell. You cannot keep breeding the same animals if you are not getting what you want. Puff up your stock with one or two great ones, it is well worth the money.  Also please take the breeding class, you may think you know all there is to know but maybe need to keep an open mind and see if you learn something.

Bottom line, the market is what you all make it. We all know what it is like when the tier is due we think, slash the prices just this once. But try to remember it is better to sell one cat at the price it is worth then to try to sell 10 cats to at lower prices. This is also hurting other people who have the same expenses you do, but want the cats to thrive and not have such drastic pricing from rental space to rental space.

OK last little bit and this directed to those that have 100 ‘s of sacks

Really the sacks that sit for days weeks and even months on end, don’t you think it would be a good idea to take some of them off to sanctuary? This would decrease the supply making the demand higher and then prices would rise and everyone will be happier. We offer boosters in sanctuary so you can can use them on the cats you are breeding.
And remember the more sacks you have the easier it is to overlook a terrific cat.

Advertise, be seen, go to auctions, the auctions are a party with benefits, price better, learn more, and Sanctuary!

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