WK LE Sanctuary Cheetah

This is the latest in the line of the cats that will be available from the sanctuary.

WK Sanctuary CheetahWhats the Sanctuary ??

If you are still in the dark about the Sanctuary. It is the tool we have given to the breeders of our big cats to send off the cats that they feel are not selling at the price they should.  They can save there points for the cats that come out or for boosters and toys.

By using sanctuary you end up keeping the demand for the cats and there sacks at high demand.

Gender ~ Male
Species ~ Cheetah
Breed ~ Sanctuary
Scale ~ Large
Fur ~ KwaZulu
Fur Level ~ Limited Edition
Right Eye ~ ElectricPurple
Left Eye ~ ElectricPurple
Right Ear ~ Worn
Left Ear ~ Worn Little
Tail ~ Short
Teeth ~ Crooked Tooth
Whisker ~ Super Long
Glow ~ None
Shine ~ None

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