Golden Rule . . . .

We at WK would like to take this opportunity to remind all of our breeders to take a moment and think about how they are treating their fellow breeders. The stories we are hearing are really truly sad in many ways.  The vindictive nature that some claim is truly shameful.  Being that this is Sl and we have all seen it before where a person tells a story and it repeats and gets bigger then it was and goes on to get even bigger.

Please take a moment to step back and look at what your doing. We are continuing as we always have bringing you the best breedable that we can. We have not tried to control the second market because that is the breeders area and your all running your own business.  We are here to support the breeders to the best of our ability with customer service 24 hours a day. Back stabbing tactics of blacklisting some breeders because you don’t like them or like how they are running their individual business is wrong. Attacking a Auction house or the Auctioneer of the Auction house really says that you have no faith in yourself or your own business that you have to make someone else hurt to feel good or to succeed in your own business is really sad. Take a moment to think of how much pain you are causing each other and by causing that hurt don’t you hurt yourself a  little bit too. Would you want to deal with someone who is willing to throw there fellow cat lovers under the bus just to make a sale or to prevent a sale.

The few that are acting this way are all all going to hurt the market more then anything because no one will want to deal with grumpy unhappy people. As they say if you say bad things you get bad things if you say nice things you get nice things. Lets all try to say a little more nice things.

We have made many updates to the product each time making it better and more realistic we have enhanced the website to speed things up.  We however seeing a lot of disrespect from breeder to breeder we have been asked to take cats away from breeders because they can afford to use boosters where others can’t.  Its been suggested that stores should be removed if found to support low pricing on the cats.  These are all very stressful and judgmental solutions.

When we look back over the year it would be wonderful if we could get back to that place of community that looked out for each other that let you know if a cat was wrongly priced that looked out for one another and did not look for the first chance to take advantage of your fellow breeder. In order to do that it will take a huge amount of FORGIVENESS for past hurts, it will take a little bit of ACCEPTANCE of someone being different and letting go of the ANGER your bringing with you.

Tigers are a happy cat that loves to play

Tigers are a happy cat that loves to play

Take a moment to just get back to playing with your cats.  You wont stay angry long.

Lions Love

Hugs to you all.  We are a community,  lets pull together as one and get past all this.

3 thoughts on “Golden Rule . . . .

  1. omg I so agree with this….. If we all work together instead of against each other we will all make out. and to the haters out there that do read this grow up figure out how to breed and try again…. The only thing your doing is showing the rest of us that you are nothing but a child and you need to grow up……… Happy Breeding cant wait for the new features to come out……

  2. Hear Hear! If you are willing to show such malevolence and parade your insecurities and ego for the sake of a few pixels, what does that say about you as a person? In the end, in this small world, our lives are but a blink of time lost in infinity and they are wayyyyy tooo short to do anything but embrace each other as brothers and sisters and only want the best for each other. After all, we are all we have.

  3. The Golden Rule title says it all. Whether it’s business or fun, RL or SL, people should remember this rule and abide by it. Life is much more pleasant when we do…

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