The C Section Blankets are back

The C Section Blankets are back and thank you to all that have been patient and understanding as we worked on them to eliminate the issue they were having.

For those oh you that have used these c section blankets in the past you will notice a few changes.  We have included more messaging in the blankets so you should be able to follow along.  But just to make sure we can go over it here.

When you rezz the bed it will say it is initializing and if all goes well at this step will say done and then this message; “Click the blanket, enter the NAME of the cat in the dialog box.”

We have gone to the dialog box and you will need to enter the name of the cat you want to use the bed. We have tried to be a bit humors in the messages back if you happen to input the male instead of the female you will get a response from the male.

If you have a successfully entered the female and she is at either 90 or 95 she will advance to 100 and return this message to you.

“Updating item and cat… This may take a few minutes please be patient……. The doctor will be with you shortly …. you know the time is near when the cat moves to the bed to wait for her turn to deliver ….  ”

For those that have never used a c-section blanket and wondered what it was it can be a savings of time up to 12 hours off the end of a pregnancy.

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