CSR’s are people too . . .

Taking a moment out here to write about our wonderful CSR’s and to remind the group that these are the most wonderful people that you could work with. They are funny and clever and love there cats as much as you love yours. Helping you when issues arise for them is also a joy. They want to help you right your cat world as fast as they can.

We know as do they that when something goes wrong in your cat world you want an instant fix for it. Its stressful to worry about your cats, the way our breeders care for their cats shows in the amount of stress they show us when something is not quite right. We do strive to get you a response as quickly as we can and or to fix an issue if there is one, or explain the cause to you about the problem. This being said you might not always like the answer, the cause may be operator error. It may be that time is the only fix. While that may be hard to swallow on your end we would like to ask that you don’t take it out on the CSR’s they are only the messenger as one would say.

We all Love SL or we would not be here but SL has its own faults and from a personal experience there have been times where one can not type into the chat window to respond fast enough and the party on the other and gets frustrated. Take a deep breath our goal is still to maintain the highest level of satisfaction and to do this we will respond to you as fast as we can. We will keep afk times to a minimum and we will handle as many of you as we can but we are only human. We have provided you with many ways of self help as we can think of. If you have exhausted all of those routes you and still are stuck were happy to look into your cat issue for you.

We would also like to point out two things, the first being that the CSR’s have a NON working SL too and just because you know they know the answer we ask that you respect there private time.  Second if they want to share some of there private time in the group don’t give them a hard time about that, remember they LOVE there cats and there job.


2 thoughts on “CSR’s are people too . . .

  1. Agreed with all of that have always found the staff very helpful seems nothing is to much trouble for the staff i have asked for help and chatted too. And to be honest i think the staff make breeding the cats a lot more fun as you can have a joke and a laugh with them. And if your lucky and there not looking you can even give them a little spank on the butt.

  2. They’re amazing!!!!!! It doesnt matter the time of day but someone has always been there to help me and i’m on at wierd times sometimes lawl. They’re always friendly and respectful as well and that makes a huge difference. Thank you CSR team!!

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