RFL 2014 Season

It is that time a year again when RFL launches their campaign to get the word out and the fund drive started.  This past weekend RFL opened the 2014 season and thought we missed the opening we have joined the fight against cancer and made our OWN fundraise team.  Through out the next few months we will be putting together different FUN events for you to partake in to show your support for RFL and the work that they do here in SL.

Among the events we would like to have are;

Music concerts; by Tribute Band, Live performers and DJs. If you are one of these and would like to be booked for an event contact Jaed Cartier with available dates.

A Mid Season Hunt – If you have an item you like to donate to the hunt let us know contact Queenfelinea for details of requirements.

Cat Parades/Display -Still working out the details here.

Cat Races with or without owners (still to be determined)

Funny Cat Photo Contest

As we are in the early stages of planning we will let you know more details as we get them.



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