Mark your calendars

We have some other events planned:
Hold this coming Thursday March 2oth open for a TBA event at 6PM
Sunday 3/23 2PM (an afternoon tea dance) ~ Theme is come as a noobie
Saturday 3/29 6PM~ A Black Tie Affair. DJ Gem will swoon us with great ballroom music.
Tuesday April fools day 4/1 at 6PM will be DJ JR with all request music, pay the RFL kiosk and ask for what you want to hear.
Saturday April 12th at 6PM POD will entertain us.
THIS is just a few of the events so far, sneaking in later is a Tiger race, a Bike race, a soccer game, build a flying vehicle and fly it thru a course, and who knows what else.

IF you have any events you would like to host at any time, please contact jaed Cartier and set it up so she can get it on the calendar and RFL web site for all to see. She will  set Kiosk for RFL that goes to the WK teams stats pages, and all money goes to RFL. No Bookkeeping to worry about.


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