LIGERS – OOAK and Offspring

As there is still only one liger on the grid there is much miscommunication and speculation even some fabrication as to what will pass from its offspring. Setting the record straight here and now.

If a Liger is the direct parent of a cat, that cat has the chance of triggering the EX Large scale.

The one of a kind Christmas Eye is the passing trait from the Liger that is on the grid and CAN ONLY be obtained by the liger or the ligers children or any cat there after that has the eye.

We know that making ligers are very difficult and it is highly sought after. Ligers / Tigons come from level 8 lions and higher and any tiger. The traits of the one of the kind can pass and have value just like any other cat. It is up to the seller and the buyer to know what that value is.

Hope this will stop the speculation, the confusion it is up to the buyer to know what they are buying, other breeders should not try to make buyers feel bad about what they see as value.



2 thoughts on “LIGERS – OOAK and Offspring

  1. I think one of the misunderstandings is if the offspring of the ONE and only on the grid will pass the fur of the Liger. Not just the traits. Some are selling them with that in mind.

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