Mini Auction for RFL

The RFL fair has been very generous for our breeders and have given us not one but two of these mini Auctions. This is a great way for breeders to show of their breeding and donate to a great cause.  Think of this as a great way to advertise for your own breeding business.  When your cat is up for auction your breeding gets a bit of attention and advertisement.

We have also been issued a challenge to see if our community will be able to raise as much in donations as they previous Auctions.

If you find you have a cat to donate for the auction get in touch with Jaed Cartier for more information she will be Auctioning on Tuesday at 5 PM.  Summer Portello will be auctioning tonight at 7 PM you may also try to reach her or her CSR Tina Nabob either are available for help with both Auctions.

Mark your calendars we hope to see you there to support not only RFL but the WK Cats and their Breeders.

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