Chimp Update 1.1.3

Well as many of you discovered the 1.1.2 version did not fix all of the motion stopping issue. The chimps are getting smarter so they now can detect the version of the cat.  This should fix the stopping issues. As we know the cat update is not a fun process for some of you we are holding back the 1.4.60 version until we are sure there is nothing more we need to get in it before the next update. We really try to keep the cat update down to once a season or less so that not to cause too much grumbling.  However updates are important as it keeps the cats learning and expanding and able to do more things.  We know many of you are just waiting to see what more we can do with these absolutely amazing and adorable cats chimps.  Pigeons, Doves and Black Birds should be out soon as well.  Similar to the chimps just a trimmed down prim count only 7 compared to the chimps 17.

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