Update on Collectors Edition

When we introduced the Collectors Edition we over looked one small detail, of the Breed name Collectors Edition being passable. We spent quite awhile trying to sort this, and finally have a solution.

The changes has been made that the Brr Fur Black Nose when pass would take on a new breed name of South African. Any cat that then has been randomly birthed in or an offspring of have been converted to South African. Please “ReREzz or Sync” these cats to see the effected change.

The Brr Black Nose Fur will no longer be randomly birth in. The only way to get the Brr fur will be from a cat that already has it . In further Collection Editions will work this way they will not pass there Breed but will pass furs in this manor.

We are sorry for any confusion, irritation, disappointment or annoyance this may have caused you.

Q: Is the Fur Brr Black Nose Passable?

A: Yes

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