Remember . . .

It is coming up on one of those moments that are just frozen in time for many of us. When you take the time to remember it can be surprising just how clear the memory is of the moment you heard about the attack on 9/11/01.  I my self was getting the kids ready for school when my co worker called me and told me to turn the news on.  I remember watching in horror at the scenes that they were showing and the recapping over and over again.

There have been many tributes over the last few years to remember and pay tribute to the victims the survivors. To those that have worked hard to put right the ground zero area to make something that pays respect to those that died there. It also allows those that are living to have a place to go to remember and pay there respect to the 2,977 that were lost there that fateful day.

In our own little way we would like to pay tribute as well with a special 9-11 Eye called “Remember”. It is available on cats created between Noon on 9-9 through to noon on 9-12 and will be random like we do with special eyes.  It will pass once it is on an cat.

In memory of



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