Toys for Tots Auction Winner

The Auction was a very fun and exciting time but there was much anticipation for the team as the WK offering was on panel 31 the last panel of the auction.  For those of you who missed the auction it was a might impressive auction the Auctioneer was wonderful to listen to and she kept the energy up and the show moving right along.  No one was more thrilled then us that the WK Wild Dog went for 120,000Ls this was a very aggressive bid war but ToppaToo Resident won it in the end.

The Auctioneer had this to say, NeCK  caDaVeR (neckcadaver): Thanks to all WK foLks wHo came and supported the TOTs that will get TOYS CAUSE OF YOU!~ for the MADNESS & LOVE of breeding~~ having fun is key and I believe we all did that! ~ fRom mY MaDneSs & Love jOined witH yOurS we ARE MAKING a child see & have christmas ~ WHO SAYS PiXeLS DON’T MAKE AN IMPACT? that be the GRiNCH

Now I would like to give a shout out to Jaed she has done amazing at helping to keep all of our events organized and on track but she would like to pass along that the T4T group make the  fair fun and entertaining, and are a true pleasure to work with to put on this whimsical event for the kids.

Again thank you all for supporting the cause and the animals love the present boxes you been buying them as well as the T4T Teddy Bear.  Thank you to each and everyone of you and hope you continue to enjoy the holiday season.

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