WK Limited Edition Wolf

Happy Holidays to you all. We have on sale now through January 5, 2015 the first of the Wild Dog LEs. This is a pure winter white Gray wolf with a eye that is reflecting Santa as he flies across the sky. We have added a few traits to this little one that you will want to be sure to get into your breeding line.

First up is a tallSkinny Ear this one has two of them, Scale is large and the only way to get either the ear or the large scale will be from this LE or for its offspring where they are listed as a grandparent. If they are a great grandparent and no offspring has the ear it will not pass to the great great grandchild. A trait that will come out eventually through natural breeding is the Pink Heart Tongue we have included it on this animal.  The Leg set is not words and will not trigger the Extra Large Scale size. The Fur on all parts will NOT pass.

Its a very self assured wolf and other wolfs may follow behind them as they move about your sim.WK LE Wolf




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