Happy Birthday Cougar CE is OUT!!

As today is officially the anniversary of our full release, we are bringing you another in the Collectors Edition Cats. This is the Birthday Cougar he or she has a beautiful Onyx fur, but don’t let her Myni Scale size scare you she has a fierce bite with those fangs.  This pretty kitty has some adorably wide whiskers which is another new trait.

One of the things that is really cool about the Collectors Edition Cats is that they are able to pass a similar fur with a new breed attached to it. The Southern State Cougars will be just like the Bengals coming in from the Kolar and the Winter OOAK.  The only way to get these breeds is from these very special cats.

The Collectors Edition Cougar will be on sale until they are picked up on the 15th of February so if you want to get a special gift for your sweetie think about a new adorable Cougar.WK HappyBirthday 2015

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