Timber Wolves Join the Party

The Timber Wolves have been released. We had a few hiccups but were able to correct them quickly.  We have heard a lot of good responses. The two main store locations have the crates for sale.

Just after the release there was a bit of a discussion in the group about the desire to have a level type trait added to the wolves aka Wild Dogs.  The team had a meeting this morning about the options and the pros and cons of doing so and before we do anything we want your opinion. As it was the breeders that asked for it.

We can’t do levels exactly like we did in the Big Cats because the fur is broken out in to several different traits and not just the one. We could however add in a Generation Counter. A Generation counter would track the Generation level and with a bit of moving around from an ancestral meaning the family line plus a little more random  chance system to a system that unlocks traits at certain generations.  The negative side of this of course is that it becomes the ONLY trait looked at.  The plus side of it you have a direction on which to go.

The easy ones to figure of course are the same generations but what happens when the generations are different such as example a Generation 10 and an Generation 5 it is not a simple plus one. We have decide that it would be best to do an average of the two parents rounded up if its not a whole number plus one.

Cast your vote and if you like to share with others why you voted that way leave a comment below.

7 thoughts on “Timber Wolves Join the Party

  1. I would love a Generation Counter, I use it already on my wolves when I rename them 🙂
    I use to breed Meroos and the Generation Counter was important as the higher the generation of the animal more chances of getting a new trait, ie: coat, breed etc.

    I hope this is implimented

  2. While I would like to see some sort of ‘levels’ I do not particularly like a system that counts levels based on only one trait. The diversity of traits we have allows breeders to go in different directions – fur, size, eyes, ears, leg sets. Focus on one, and only one trait set, would reduce value in all the others. With allt he work in creating these traits you guys did, I’d hate to see that.

  3. I take exception to the line in the post “The negative side of this of course is that it becomes the ONLY trait looked at.” While I know some breeders of cats only care about the levels but many, many of us do care about traits and breed for them. Rain and I only breed cats that have some kind of traits…tail, teeth, whisker, glow, shine…in fact most of the cats we breed have multiple traits and for generations back. We have tigers with Sabertooth for a full page and several generations beyond. You don’t do and care only about levels. Adding Generations to the wolves won’t change that for us, in fact, it will help to know what to do to unlock new traits.

  4. I think that the wolves need a generation leveling system to make the wolves have far more clarity than they do before. It is very difficult for someone to get a full legset as it is and understand it. Least then we would have something to look at. At the moment it appears to be fairly confusing for the average breeder. Just my opinion though.

  5. I feel that the generational counter would deviate from the initial purpose of focusing on multiple traits instead of one trait. Also this would give large scale breeders an unfair advantage over smaller breeders. This has already happened with the lions etc. The ones who got into WK breedables early on have the advantage. There is a trickle down effect already with all the cats in regard to the levels. Ones who entered the market late have to pay a lot initially just to get into it and it is always playing catch up with those who entered at the beginning. I had hoped the wolves would be different but it seem like this generational counter/levels will be implemented. I will quit breedables as a result of this. Likely its only the larger breeders who want the generational counter not the smaller breeders in my opinion.

  6. This generation counter wont be fair tho,because if we take a 3rd generation runt/large wolf for example,filled with traits and both parents runt/large/rare ones it will be way better than a 10th generation one without any traits in it.It will only mislead people and they will start looking only at the generation ranking,same as it is with the cats.

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