Hybrids Expansion Coming Soon!!!

We have been working very hard these last few months and are really excited about this next update for the WK Big Cats. We have 4 new Species joining the 2 current Hybrids cats the Liger and the Tigon expanding this to 6 the newest of the Hybrids will be the Cheegar, the Coutah, the Jager and the Tiguar.

WK Hybrid Family

In order to bring these new specie out we will be making some adjustments to the current 2 Hybrids. The Hybrids will all get a breed adjustment to Hybrid and the Levels will be changed from a number to that of a Uber Cat. The Uber Cat is going to average of the two parents that made it plus one. There will also no longer be any lion level restriction.

We’re extremely excited about these Cats.

The Cheegar and the Coutah will come from the mixing of a Cheetah and a Cougar.

The Jager and the Tiguar will come from the mixing of a Jaguar and a Tiger.

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