Its Time

The Big Cats have finished the progression from the dev environment over to the Live one. You may update your cats and these cats are capable of producing any of the Hybrids.

There are also changes to the Data Base that you will be able to see with the Hybrids any one with a Liger or Tigon will notice that the Level has been changed to Uber Cat or UC in the tables. They will from this point on also average there parents levels to determine there breeding level when breeding.

Added benefit to the Hybrids are some new eyes that they will trigger these eyes are not on display at this time but will have that shortly.

2 thoughts on “Its Time

    • Updaters if you have one are in MOOG Misc if you do not as yet you can either buy one from the store for 1L or you can MOOG your animals to update. No cost in just MOOGing them.

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