Autism Awareness Fair Opens today

Well we here at the Wild Kajaera (WK) have been very busy indeed. Today many new products hit the SL grid.  Some of which coincides with the Autism Awareness Fund Raising Event going on in Second Life.

Doing research in to Autism and it seems to be a extremely misunderstood condition. It’s not a disease it can not be cured it is a condition that needs understanding. It will effect a persons social behaviors, speech and sensory areas of the brain. As many of these effects can range from mild to extreme doctors are now calling it a spectrum distorter.  We here at WK only want to help make people more aware of the condition so that maybe in the real world people will show more kindness towards those effected by it and there families.

Pictures below are of various products:

WK Autism Wolf

WK Autism Cat

WK Autism PenguinBunny

WK Autism Balloon

WK Autism Ball




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