Rarity Calculation gets an Update

OH MY GOSH, we are reaching the known top level in some of the species.  Can you believe it? But don’t you think it would be really sad if we stopped there?  WOW it has been exciting getting to this point but YES the top Level is no longer 30. We don’t really know what it is, as it has yet to be defined. You can continue to discover more and new furs and other traits as you climb higher if that is your wish.  It is so amazing to see all the wonderful animals you have created.

If you have not seen the WK pictures lately check those out there are some adorable moments in there.  We especially like your titles.

When the New Hybrids started to be born we looked at their stats and thought my gosh they are so low in traits for such unique animals. This made us take a closer look at the Rarity calculator and saw that with all the growth we have had it need an adjustment to how the percentage traits are figured.

We have added a bonus now for traits calculated on a percentage.  We have also moved the fur to the percentage calculation as well as it is a more honorable reflection of your breeding, as well as the levels are starting to be out grown from the old table.  How this is figured then is if there is less then a certain amount you will get a point bonus added on to the existing points so your points should all go up and adjust or at the least stay the same.  No need to worry about the math here just continue to use the rarity calculator and it will do the math for you.



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