Update Wrap Up

Friday April 17th at noon we did a system update, that went fairly smooth.

The update was a thinning on the data base to shift data from one table to another table. The reasons for the shift was to increase the load speed on the website. As many users were starting to noticed an increase wait time or a loading issue.  As this was one of the main tables many of the pages needed to be adjusted and we over looked the Ancestry page cub list, so for the last two days you may have noticed that the list of cubs was incomplete, this is now corrected.  The stats were the correct number it was the showing of the cubs on the page that was incorrect as you can now see.

A handful of you that had used boosters had to reapply them in the window of updating but we contacted you and let you know about this.

It has come to light that there was also a few that had birthed babies that are now not showing that they were birthed.  If this is the case for you please contact a CSR if we can verify that your cub was created before noon on Friday and you believe you have been wrong we will of course adjust the age this one time.

We’d like to thank all the community for their patience this past weekend while we fixed the minor issues that came up.

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