Coming Up . . . .

Well the cat is out of the bag as this last weekend the new teeth started to make an appearance before we even had a chance to get this post out.  There are 5 new Cat Teeth that have been added to the genetics they will start appearing if your cats can trigger level 25 or greater.  The names of them are (not in order) Baby Teeth, Missing Tooth, Missing Fang, Missing Long, and Snaggle.  These will not all come out at level 25 but as the cats move up in the levels they will continue to unlock them.

Coming up this weekend we have Memorial Day and we thought it would be a honorable thing to do to have a special eye for this day.  Starting Saturday at 8 AM SLT we will add a chance to get this eye to both the Big Cats and the Wild Dogs.

MemorialDay Eyes 2015

They will be turned off again on Monday at 8PM  SLT.  We wish you good luck.

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