Update on the Small Cats

You all made one very clear point and that was you would be very disappointed if the Small Cats would be separate from the Big Cats. There are some concerns that we have about putting more on the existing system for the cats but we are willing to investigate more thoroughly the feasibility of this. It will need testing. What better way to test it then to do a Alpha Beta Test. We don’t need a ton of testers on this but we will need to open up a testing group that we will invite those that are interested into testing the adjustments we have planned.

We will need 10 to 14 days to get the adjustments to the system to done before testing can proceed.

The main area that will need testing of course will be to the genetic and feeding systems to make sure they can handle the additional amount of species. If all goes well and the system can handle it we should be able to release by mid to the end of July.

We know change and the announcement of an animal can play havoc with you’re planning we will keep you as much posted on the situation as we can.  The worst case would be that the system can not handle the additional animals as you want at which time we would look at going forward with them at all.  The best case of course that our system can handle everything we ask it to and then some and we will all be enjoying the Leopards mid Summer.  🙂

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