Server Side Update Complete

Today we rolled out an update to our Big Cat Systems Servers.  The updated include language updates to some of the behind the scenes magic that we do as well as a revamp to a few other bits that have been in development for a long time now perfecting it this last week in the Beta.

This updated rolls out the separation of Fur from Level.  Fur has become a independent trait free to move up and down the levels as breeders see fit, much like the rest of our traits.  Furs are still tied to the Species and Breed they represent.

Level no longer being tied to Fur has moved off the rarity calculator as it no longer represents a given fur on a given level. Yes, Furs will be introduced at certain levels but they may not stay there, just like any of the other traits once introduced they are free to move around on the levels.

Breed has also become more important with this update. Breed once held no importance at all as just a description of a line of fur with no ability to control the breeding of it. Now when you select a set of cats to breed you will have a much greater chance of passing the breed from the parents.  It will be possible to create a pure line of a certain breed within just a few breedings.

Which brings us back to the Level and we know you have tons of questions and the simplest way to say it is Level and Breed have now been tied together.  While in the Beta test we did look at joining level to the species but this was just not a good solution. When we tied it to the Breed we were able to get results that were expected. Each breed will need to work its way up to the higher end.  This for the Big Cat Market is a wonderful thing as it allows new breeders to come in and join and get started in all the fun.


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