Cecil the Lion

As many of you know on 29th of July Cecil the South African Lion was hunted and killed. This was a great loss in many ways. We would like to help his pride and his reserve.

The Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority has set up a Zimbabwe Endangered Species Fund to fundraise for the conservation and protection of endangered species like the late Cecil the Lion.

We know that the breeding community is a lover of big cats in the real world as well as in Second Life help us give back to the real life animals and make a positive come from an extremely negative and senseless act.

Remember Cecil and build your own family of his here in Second Life.

Tribute to Cecil the Lion

Tribute to Cecil the Lion

We thank you for your support to our effort to give back to the animal world.

What Passes –

Cecil will pass his traits like all other cats.

Cecil Fur with the black nose is the only thing that will not. The Fur with a similar nose will pass if Cecils Fur is the winning fur.

Cecil has a stunning mane and there are two possible fathers for Cecil and each are wearing similar but slightly different color manes.  Porky is wearing the Fearless Leader Mane and Tinker is wearing the Braveheart Mane.


10 thoughts on “Cecil the Lion

  1. What does it mean “winning fur” in this post “. The Fur with a similar nose will pass if Cecils Fur is the winning fur.

  2. I think Winning fur – it means if U breed Cecil x something – U may get something or Cecil style fur -> if so, then is a winning fur and … I like my Cecil 😀

  3. It means that if the Cecil fur is pulled that the black nose wont pass with it will be another nose color the term winning was used because other furs can be pulled. So if you get the Cecil fur congrats WK breeders !! He is amazing looking

  4. I am curious as to specifically what portion of the sale does, in fact, go to the Zimbabwe Endangered Species Fund? I would definately buy many of these tributes if all of the proceeds went to the Fund.

    • Our agreement or business practices are not the focus here, helping the reserve is. If you expect it all to go and that is the only condition to buy we thank you for the offer but we have to keep some back or the animal will not register and can be lost.

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