Starting on the 10th

On 9-11-2001 the world looked on with shock and horror at the events happening in New York City. Many of us can remember exactly where we were and what we were doing when we heard the news and the images of the tragedy are indelibly etched in our memories forever.

The losses that day were felt worldwide, so to honor the victims and survivors of 9-11, to honor the heroic efforts of the rescue workers and that we may never forget this terrible tragedy, we are reissuing one of the most beloved of all the special eyes we have introduced.


The Remember eye will drop in randomly on newly created Big Cats and Wild Dogs beginning 2 pm Thursday the 10th through 2 pm Saturday the 12th.

As in the past, the Remember eye will pass like any other eye.

5 thoughts on “Starting on the 10th

  1. Thank you for bringing back this eye. This gives us newer breeders an opportunity to relish in the chance of this dropping through our breeding, not to mention the memorial it commemorates. Will this eye have a year designation, i.e. Valentines 2015, to help differentiate the eye from the previous version to help with proper marketing of each version of the eye?

  2. This is an amazing eye, not only for the detail in it’s reflection but also for the memorial it commemorates. Will this eye have a yearly designation to help differentiate it from last years drop, i.e. Valentines 2014 vs. Valentines 2015. I hope it does, to differentiate the eye and to help with marketing for collectors. Thank you.

  3. It really doesn’t need a distinction as its the exact same eye. It is one of the first if not the first eye that I recall coming back exactly the same. When the eye changes they would have given you a different year attributed. It was an amazing eye when first released and needed zero changes. I’m glad it’s the same!

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