The WK Winter Festival

Announcing Wild Kajaera’s first ever Winter Festival exclusively featuring WK Big Cats and Wild Dogs where breeders, prospective breeders and the WK creators can meet and interact. The Wild Kajaera Winter Festival will run December 8th through December 21st.

The centerpiece of the festival will be a display of WK Big Cats and Wild Dogs where you can see them interact in their natural habitats. WK will also have large display area where you can see all the latest they have to offer. You can dance to some of Second Life’s best live entertainment and DJs or enjoy the large ice skating area. Among the acts booked, we have Dominoe Effect, Essence Bilasimo, ReallyMad Morpark, AmForte, GregKat24, and Lark Bowen. Market sims and breeders will have an opportunity to schedule and host their own events when the music venue is open. The best in holiday music will be streaming when no entertainment is scheduled.

The WK Winter Festival will also have displays from all the major auction houses and markets so that breeders and potential breeders can find the best place for them to sell their Big Cats and Wild Dogs.

There will also be a limited number of booths available to all WK breeders on a first come, first served basis, where breeders can sell or show off their best and take part in a WK sponsored decorating contest. To reserve one of these booths IM Queen between 8am and 8pm SLT on November 11th ONLY with the phrase: “Over the river and through the woods, to WK house we go!” to reserve your booth. Queen will respond back “The Cats know the way to pull the Sleigh and the Dogs will bark as we go.” This is your confirmation that the request has been received. At that time send a Full perm company logo to Queen.

Booth selection will be by WK and Queen will return a display kit with all the information for you to get started on your build, a prim to show the area size and a note card with the remaining rules. A map to show the location will be on the blog.

Booths are limited to one per household. Trying to circumvent this rule could lead to loss of all booth privileges at the festival.

Booths are for the display, promotion and sale of WK animals and products only. No other breedables are allowed.
Booth set-up will begin on December 6th.
The WK Winter Festival will be promoted to breeders and non-breeders alike. This is a fantastic opportunity for all levels of breeders, auction and market owners and WK to come together in one place to promote WK Big Cats and Wild Dogs, attract more breeders and expand markets. Come and join us for what promises to be THE event of the holiday season.

Stay tuned for more information…

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