Todays the day….

With the Winter Festival just a few more weeks away we need a head count of the breeders that wish to participate.

To reserve one of these booths IM Queenfelinea between 8am and 8pm SLT on November 11th thats TODAY ONLY with the phrase: “Over the river and through the woods, to WK house we go!” to reserve your booth. Queenfelinea will respond back “The Cats know the way to pull the Sleigh and the Dogs will bark as we go.” This is your confirmation that the request has been received. At that time send a Full perm company logo to Queenfelinea.

Booth selection will be by WK and Queenfelinea will return a display kit with all the information for you to get started on your build, a prim to show the area size and a note card with the remaining rules. A map to show the location will be on the blog.

Booths are limited to one per household. Trying to circumvent this rule could lead to loss of all booth privileges at the festival.

This event is once again to show off the LOVE you have for your WK Animals to the rest of SL.

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