Sanctuary Update…..

Sanctuary Boosters

After much consideration and debate, we at WK have decided changes were in order regarding the ability to purchase some of the boosters with Sanctuary Points. Effective immediately, the WK Love Potion, WK Pregnancy Vitamins and WK C-Section Blanket for both Big Cats and Wild Dogs are no longer available for Sanctuary Points. They are still available for purchase with L$.

While we realize that larger SPV balance holders will always have an advantage, we do not want to add to that advantage. We feel this is a very positive change for all breeders and the secondary markets.

Sanctuary Points will continue to be important as we come up with new and better toys and animals for you to spend them on. Steps One was the release of the two new Sanctuary Jaguars with exclusive furs that ONLY come from those two cats and here are the next two with exclusive furs for you to breed:

2 New Sanctuary Cats

We have two exciting new Sanctuary cats for our breeders.
First is the new Sanctuary Southern States cougar. This 35 trait beauty has Extra Large scale, Jeweled Sanctuary Diamond eyes, Crooked Tooth and Super Long Whiskers. Perhaps the most exciting thing is another new and exclusive fur, Wheat, that can pass but with a different nose.

Sanctuary Cougar S States

Second is a new Sanctuary South African Cheetah. This beautiful cheetah has 31 traits including, Mini scale, Jeweled Sanctuary Sapphire eyes, Stubby Tail, Prehistoric Teeth and Extra Long Whiskers. This amazing cheetah features the new and exclusive Bela Bela fur than can pass with a different nose.

Sanctuary S African

These Exclusive furs are a must have for any cougar or cheetah breeder.

Our original Sanctuary cougar and Sanctuary cheetah will be available until the end of the month and will then be retired. Please be very CAREFUL when selecting your cat from the vendor as there are two Cheetahs and two Cougars. The New Cats are listed as WK S. Cheetah-S. African and WK S. Cougar-S.State.

Breeding tip: Furs are no longer tied to level. Levels are tied to BREED and not species.
Thank you for your support.

10 thoughts on “Sanctuary Update…..

  1. Umm is good idea … but i’am afraid is just too late … also worrying is …it may paradoxically work reverse ppl may start selling yet cheaper to get money for boosters ..
    But i think maybe good idea would be .. to let Us get maybe a catnip or just a breed food for sanctuary points..?
    Both Sanctuary Cats are imo great 🙂 i love them

  2. Well personally I think the removal of boosters from sanc points isn’t going to help or slow down the big breeders. They simply will invest lindens and buy less animals from people. Also I do not feel the boosters gotten through the sanc points were free, because I feed those cats I sanc, I pay for the food, I even sometimes bought cat’s just to sanc them and use the points for boosters. Now I am by far a big breeder but I do find it a shame that those boosters are now unavailable unless I buy them with lindens, which by the way will not help the secondary market in no shape or form.
    I however love the new sanc cougar so now that am not tempted of using the sanc points for boosters anymore I will definatly save up for one!

  3. I’m too happy with this of no boosters by sanctuary points, maybe so, small breeders get a chance of keep some track, and make ppls come back to breed WK. Several have left once they were always behind without boosters. Really its a wonderful thing that you did. Also I want to thank you for those new cats of sanctuary by 300.000 spv instead 500.000 like before. It allows us to have them, even if it maybe will take time. Honestly, thank you you did amazing as always!

  4. I’m reading these comments and some people obviously just don’t get it. Breeding “GOOD” cats and keeping up with the market (better cats) has absolutely nothing to do with boosters. Yes you may boost a cat and birth a baby a day early, however if you are not breeding good cats to start with, whether you have a booster or not, you will still get an offspring from what YOU breed. Boosters do not make your cat go up 3 levels, etc. The boosters are used only to shorten the time. Personally I am a bit disgusted hearing people complain about the “BIG BREEDERS” because we have more sanc points, blah blah. Some of us have been in breeding since the cats hit the grid…which means we have invested a considerable amount of money upgrading our breeding and keeping up with the market, and I do not mean shopping for cheap cats and never being able to keep up.. If you want good breeding, you have to invest and trust me, most of us “BIG BREEDERS” have invested a TON!!!! So, I resent hearing that we are getting anything FREE because we have a large amount of sanc points…WE EARNED THEM and worked hard for them. As we BUY and BREED and upgrade, we have cats to sanc and increase our points, and that does not count the money we have spent on feeding all of them, in my case 400 cats. I know how much I have invested and “FREE” is not something I have experienced!! I love my cats and I enjoy breeding, but am getting pretty sick of hearing the whining and complaining about the BIG BREEDERS….BIG BREEDER just means we have spent a LOT and worked very hard to be just that “BIG BREEDER”…. so go invest some money and upgrade your breeding and you will be up with the ones of us who have worked very hard for almost 3 years. Take away sanc point boosters…fine…but it will not change the fact that EVERYONE has to invest to have what the evil “BIG BREEDER” has. Invest what we invest and you will have cats to sanc and points to spend!!!!! REALITY CHECK!!
    Happy Breeding

  5. WK you say this on your website under Sanctuary…

    What is Sanctuary?

    Sanctuary is the last home for WK Big Cats and Wild Dogs but for you, the breeder, it is a reward system that lets you earn points for toys, boosters and even special Sanctuary cats and wolves.

    Then you take away the amount of boosting you can do in one day per cat…that was good. But to take away the boosters that we were told we could get by Sanc’ing our sacks and cats isn’t right. Do the larger breeders have more sanc points…of course we do! And as a big breeder I can tell you that I may get a blanket here or there but that is not the advantage the bigger breeders have. The advantage the big breeders have is…they have more cats and more opportunities to drop that special fur, that uber cat, the next level…etc. If you only have a few pairs breeding of bengals vs someone who has 50 pairs breeding, odds are the 50 sets have more opportunity to drop something special. I know it can be frustrating at times seeing someone get that high level or that special trait but taking away a few boosters will not change that. The bigger breeders have more chances to get that trait or level…that is the fact….period. And I know personally I have continued to feed and breed a cat until it is breed out just to get the extra sanc points so I can use the points for a sanc cat or for boosters like we were told we could do. If your unhappy with seeing your WK cats fall behind in traits or not getting that special something to pass…might I suggest increasing your odds by getting more cats. It has nothing to do with dropping a C-Section blanket to see your new sack 6 hours early. And with getting more cats, you will eventually create more sanc points that now you can’t use the way we have always been told we could use. And I really resent the comment about the boosters being free. It takes a lot of feeding and breeding and real MONEY to earn so many points…only to be told by the creators that those are free points? Are you kidding me!?!?

  6. we are not happy about your decide. I am sorry.

    the reason is, big breeder have enough money to buy many food for many cats. so they have also enough money to buy a lot of the pregnacy booster and the blankets. More and more small breeders are going out of WK

    the 2nd reason is, when all people have enough sanctuary points so all can buy sanctuary cats. that is not a good solution because the value of those cats will drop very fast

    That ‘s not a good decide.

  7. I am VERY annoyed about the boosters and I do not believe for ONE MINUTE that it will help out the new breeders so that the “big breeders” can’t boost for “free”. You know why?? The Big Breeders that everyone fusses about use boosters all the time and they are willing to buy them. I have had some tell me how many thousands they spend buying blankets and vitamins each week. This way though, the rest of us also have to buy them with lindens. Does this help the market? No, not at all. Now people will spend their lindens on boosters instead of cats. BOOSTERS ARE NOT FREE. I can’t tell you how much real money I have wasted buying lindens to pay for tier (place to keep cats), food and buying cats. Eventually I sanc those cats to get points. If I use those points for boosters, I may as well have paid for the points. I find it very insulting that anyone would call that free. It’s kind of like people who fly once every five years complaining about frequent flyer miles. Some people fly free but they spent a lot on plane tickets before they get that!! If you take their frequent flyer miles away, they might just switch airlines. Just sayin. I had around 400 cats but I have killed them down to 200 and I may continue to weed them out. I really do not like how things are constantly changed mid-stream. You start something out one way and then change it when anyone complains. They knew how it was when they got into the cats to begin with. Boosters are not killing the market, stupid people are. Go look around and you will find Lvl 31 tigers marked at 499 and up. I will just kill them first, thanks. But not anymore since I can’t even get boosters with my points. I just started getting Lvl 31 Tigers but the market killers have had them for months and they didn’t buy all of their boosters with sanc points lol the vitamins and blankets are 10,000 points each. Those points go way too fast to be the problem. The problem are the ones that are spending at least 5K or 50,000 sanc points ( I doubt) per cat to make their babies all be born within three days so that they stay one step ahead of everyone else. It is way too late to even it out or fix this problem so leave the boosters alone for the rest of us that basically just breed for fun.

  8. I agree with Bren and Moon. I paid a lot to earn the sanc points I get. I do not have extra money for boosters. My money goes to food for my cats. If you want to stop boosters then stop them all together rather than make it where people who have more money to put into the game are the only one that can afford them. Basically, I and many others feel you took something we earned and now made it to wear it is only available by purchasing which of course helps WK and hurts us that are trying to be faithful to this breeding program. I am now thinking it maybe becoming to expensive to maintain raising this breedable if we can not even get the promised rewards. Of all the things WK has did I find this to be the most disappointingB

  9. I have maybe purchased one booster with sancpoints, I usually use it for forever-petting my favs. I am neutral regarding this booster purchase method change. I think the change doesn’t help buyers but it will help the creators of WK cats/dogs. I *do* however love these new sanc cats! I am waiting for a leopard TBH heehee. I love these breedables and I just do it for the fun right now. That takes a lot of stress out of the breeding — not worrying about levels! I am very much a trait breeder, but I still have some “leveling” cats/dogs. I have saved my points from the year and a half I’ve been breeding – and boy, those points were by no means earned without a substantial financial investment. I am happy we get sancpoints – it makes the breeding worth it to me, Just throwing my two cents in 🙂

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