The scoop on Exclusive Furs

We all know that having rare traits in your pride adds value and makes the cats you sell more desirable. While it is great to unlock a new fur by achieving a new level, we know those are not destined to stay rare for a long time. But, what if you could breed for an exclusive fur, one that will never show up randomly? Well, you can and some of you already are.

A few months ago, and at the request of breeders, we at WK made sweeping changes to the way furs, levels, breeds and species work that made it possible to truly breed for a specific fur. Along with that, we have been releasing a new line of Sanctuary cats that will pass an exclusive fur that only comes from those cats. Additionally we released the Cecil’s Pride Tribute cat with an exclusive fur that will pass. And, there is more to come. We all want something rare, that will stay rare and THIS is the way to get it. Breeding for these exclusive furs is not easy but that is the point. If it is easy, it will not stay rare for long. However, it is very possible and some of you are already having success.

It is important to remember that furs no longer have levels. Once you have these exclusive furs in your pride they are free to move up and down the levels. You can achieve higher levels by breeding them with higher-level cats of the SAME BREED…not species. Other breeds, or even species, can add traits but levels are tied to the breed and not the species. Breeding a low-level cat with a higher-level cat of a different breed, even if it’s the same species, will not help increase its levels.

Breeding for exclusive furs gives you that rare trait that all breeders seek, giving their pride an edge.

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