CE vs LE

A few breeders have asked about the difference between a Limited Edition animal and a Collectors Edition animal and specifically about the difference in price.

First, a Limited Edition – When Developing this animal were making a one of fur not delving in and making a whole series of furs. This animal has one, two or perhaps even more traits that are rare that you may want to breed for but the fur does not pass. They always come with an exclusive eye.Their attraction is those traits and the overall look of the particular animal.

The Collectors Edition – With this they have an exclusive fur or, in some cases, a new breed that passes. These furs or breeds will not show up randomly. This is the case with the new WK Winter Festival Clouded Leopard. When working up this type of animal were creating a whole series of furs to come from the animal so it is quite different. The only way to get the Clouded Leopard breed is from these Collector’s Edition cats or their offspring via the secondary market. There will be more to uncover and discover with a CE that is introducing a new breed. Getting in on the ground floor of a new breed has tremendous value to breeders. Hence, the higher cost. The CEs may also have other exclusive traits that come from the animal and may not show up randomly.

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