Attention, Attention …..

We are extremely excited about the revamp to the WK Wild Dogs (Wolves) and wanted to shed some light on where we are at.

Many of you may have heard that the wolves are getting a new feature of the ability to work with some of the role play huds. This will add in new animations for the animal such as a lunge attack, stalking and a bite.  The two systems that we will be working with are the Spell Fire system and the Gorean Meter system. All of the wolves not just the new ones will be able to help you hunt and track and attack when used in conjunction with those hud systems.

Not only are we adding the new feature to all of wild dogs (wolves) we are doing a bit of revamp to the genetics as well. Many have complained that too much came in too quickly and that the leg sets were impossible to get.  We have taken a look at both of these areas and have made adjustments.

We have also done a full system update that that has to do with the servers themselves and some of the language that they use.

With these three areas of revamp this is a major update and we feel that this sort of update is not one to let out with minor testing, which means that we will be doing a Wild Dog Beta and not one but actually will need 3 groups.  So here is what were looking for and if you feel that you can really do the time and have attention to detail and want to help us make The WK Wild Dogs best that they can be you may apply to be in one of the 3 Wild Dog Beta groups.

3 groups for the beta when applying make sure you meet these criteria:

If you are applying for the Genetic and Overall Operations Beta.

Must currently Breed the Wild Dogs – (would be best if you have had them for some time)

If you would like to apply for the Spell Fire Wild Dog Beta.

Must be familiar with the Spell Fire system.

If you would like to apply for the Gorean Meter (GM)

Must be familiar with the GM system.

All applicants must;

Enjoy documenting what you see and reporting it. Have a positive attitude. A willingness to adapt to change and PATIENCE.

Each group will be limited to a small number.  If you wish to be considered please send a note card to QueenFelinea Resident.  Accepting applications until January 19.

The name of the note card must be The Type of Beta you want to apply for – and your SL Name not your display name. Choose just one

General/Genetics – (Replace this type with your Name)


Spell Fire – (Replace this type with your Name)


GM – (Replace this type with your Name)

Apply for one do not apply for all 3.

Inside the note card – List anything that you think would make you a good candidate.

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