We are 3 years old

How time flies. Just three years ago we sold our first cat. Thank you all for making it a truly wonderful 3 years!

To celebrate our 3rd anniversary we are releasing a very special WK Birthday Sumatran tiger.

This Collector’s Edition tiger has Long tail, Baby Teeth, Long Whiskers and, the new Birthday Green eyes. This amazing cat also features the new Kuta-Red Nose fur which passes but with a different nose AND both it’s parents have new furs that pass as well. ALL of these furs are exclusive and will not show up randomly! You can only get them from this cat or it’s direct offspring.

If that were not enough this amazing cat also introduces the new Baby scale…our smallest scale yet. Fully grown, cats with Baby scale are the same size as a 1 day old Natural scale!

Grab these furs and traits while you can. The WK Birthday Sumatran tiger is only offered for a short time.

Gender is random.


One thought on “We are 3 years old

  1. Great Cats!! Made me fall in love with Tigers all over again. Also if anyone disagrees you are welcome to just give me yours !! LOL

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