Canadian Red Cross Benefit

The WK Community is really an amazing group of people. They have come together and need a bit of your help to too.  If you like to get involved please someone from Mutant Forest along with Mystic Bay, Beast Mode, as the WK CSRs are not directly involved with this event.

Mutant Forest along with Mystic Bay, Beast Mode and the Breedable community present a special benefit the the Canadian Red Cross – Alberta Fire Disaster Appeal.

We have awesome special guest auctioneers Mallorie Floresby from Mystic Bay and Jason Forhilde for the once in a lifetime event.

There are 14 amazing raffles that will begin accepting entries Saturday 5/21 at 8 AM
The auction will be held Monday 5/23 at 5 PM

Donations will be accepted by any member of the Mutant Forest staff

Thank you for caring!

On raffle over at Cataclysm Market there is a Winter Fur Bengal Tiger with all proceeds going to the donation box at the Courage Event stop by to check it out here;

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