Official RFL Auction Offering

The Official auction for RFL is tomorrow and do we have a very very special Cat this is not a new cat by any means it is 1068 days old in fact and will take those who have been with us back in time.  This is from the very first RFL event we did and is part of Queens personal collection.  Queen is looking for a really good home for him and may bid on him herself as she just might not be able to part with this very VERY special cat. But in the end it is all for RFL and we know that its all for a good cause.

RFL 2013==
~ Animal Details ~
Version ~ 2.4.5
ID ~ 23266
Trait Total ~ 29
Name ~ LE RFL 2013
Gender ~ Male
Species ~ Tiger
Breed ~ LE RFL 2013
Scale ~ Large
Fur ~ 100 years of Hope
Level ~ Limited Edition
Right Eye ~ Believe
Left Eye ~ Believe
Right Ear ~ Curved Big
Left Ear ~ Bent Big
Tail ~ Long
Teeth ~ Prehistoric
Whisker ~ Extra Long
Glow ~ Natural
Shine ~ Natural
Litters ~ 0

There are only a total of 4 left in the public circulation of these animals with all there litters left he would make number 5 of course we have a few more in for special occasions like this.

The auction location is:

The Silent Bidding starts at:  1:00 PM SLT actual auction to be June 4 at 2 PM SLT.

We hope to see you all there to bid on this big boy as well as the other items in the auction.

3 thoughts on “Official RFL Auction Offering

  1. OK…I instantly almost hit my head on the desk for this one. I’ve been looking to catch a glimpse of this cat since I’ve started in WK. And now….when I don’t have the right funds to put a proper bid on it…I getta catch a glimpse of him as he walks by. Still…..that’s very awesome of Queen to do that. Impressive!

  2. I hate that you guys made a post of the event the day before and so no one knows about it til its over with or it is to late to change plans already made .. wish you all would post a week before so people can have time to know about it.. esp since it is going to a good cause and it could use more time to get it out.. being a holiday weekend people make plans in RL that they could have maybe moved around or so on to attend this to or something.

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