LPO’s meet the Cats

With the upcoming release of the Lynx and the need to update the other cats we thought what better time to release the LPO’s.  Whats an LPO your wondering…..  LPO is a Low Prim Option that can remove unused prime from your breeder cats. Whats a Breeder Cat? A breeder cat is the cat that sits still or as still as they can while they wait for the babies to come.

The LPO does not effect the cat in any way and if MOOGed the animal will come back as a fully prim version with all its motion capabilities.

How many prim will an LPO be?  14 for all but the lion the lion will be 15.

How soon can we put an cat on LPO?  As soon as you birth them they can be converted. They will not start the one little animation that they have however until they are 1 day of age.



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