New Hybrid Eyes

Hybrids get some new eyes.

The Elemental Eyes Earth, Wind Fire, Water, Cosmos and Mystical.

Hybrid Eyes 2016

The chart shows you which species the eyes will come from.

4 thoughts on “New Hybrid Eyes

  1. Could you clarify how to get these eyes? There’s something left to be desired in this short post. Some people are claiming you can get these eyes if the hybrid is one of the parents of the cats mated. No where on here does it say that. Thank you.

  2. Has the Earth eye been discovered yet? I’ve never seen it on classifieds like all the others in this set. I’ve also talked with a lot of breeders and none of them seem to know anyone who has dropped it. Can you confirm that the Earth eye has dropped? Or can you tell me if it will be released soon?

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