Update in Big Cats

Big Cat update to 2.5.7 for all cats and sacks.  This is the version that will introduce the the LPO feature.

The LPO Low Prim Options –

Is accessed under the option features of the animals Menu.

When converting to LPO the animal will create a second box. That box rezz’s out where the animal is. This makes the animal send out a re initialize message and you may get a cloning one as well. By the time you see the word Done you should now have a lower prim version of the animal and the full prim version has gone away.

Trouble shooting –
If both versions stay?
Right click and delete from the sl menu the full prim version.

If the second box does not appear?
Check your prim count you may not have enough prims to do the co conversion.

A Low Prim Version will not move out of the box it will peak out from time and maybe take a look around.

You have a full breeders menu meaning you can couple and uncouple as you wish.
It will drop its sacks if it is a female right out side her box.

How to get it out of Low Prim?
To get it out of Low Prim you will need to webMOOG it via your portal http://portal.wildkajaera.com/Login.php

For Log in information if you forgot it or need it for the first time visit any WK Store and click the registration for the Portal sign it will both register you and remind you.

Can I sell my animal in Low Prim Mode? Yes

In addition to LPO this version has a button Classified which will allow you to add or remove a classified ad from the WK Classified page. You can find this also under options.


3 thoughts on “Update in Big Cats

  1. Swwweeeeettttt! This has freed up a ton of space on my land. Thank you, WK! I don’t want to seem like I’m never completely satisfied, but I hope the LPO option will be in the works for breeding wolves in the near future as well. Also, being able to use the Classifieds feature on updated sacks would work tremendous wonders for streamlining processes. Excellent changes, WK!

  2. this is a Greet thing you did and it frees up tons of space for us who have hundreds of cats the only draw back is that i notice is that they are only visible for a few seconds i was hopping this would just freeze them in place just have head moment or they heads just sticking out some grass or something im conflicted on converting them lol but thanks anyway you did a great job

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