WK Tiger Tip Jar 2.0

We’ve all seen it. You’ve been to an auction location, a club, or an event and wanted to show appreciation for the hard work the auctioneer,CSR’s, DJ’s hosts or hostess, or any of the other wonderful performer’s do. When you look around for their tip jar, it’s hard to find. How about something completely unique?

We are happy to introduce our WK Tiger Tip Jars 2.0!


We’ve revamped our unique Wild Kajaera Tip Jars. With our previous version, you just placed your tip jar down and a our amazing WK Breedable tip jar would collect your Lindens and distribute them to you. This helped direct patrons, who wanted to show their appreciation for your hard work, tip you. Our new tip jars do that and so much more.

Our WK Tiger Tip Jar 2.0 is ANIMATED! Not only will it help guard your hard earned Lindens, but its menu allows you to customize options. You can select the size of your tip jar. You can edit the hovertext above your tip jar. You can even edit the starting pay-in amount quick buttons. Finally, it has a reset option, that allows you to reset the amounts paid in during your event, to help keep track your earnings per event.

When a patron tips you, our WK Tiger Tip Jar 2.0 will stand up (if lying down), stretch, rawer and raise a paw forward, as a salute to the patron who tipped you. It will then say, “Thanks for the tip! I really appreciate it.” to their chat to help show your appreciation in return.

Chose from our selection of well loved Big Cat furs:

Sumatran Dumai Fur
Bengal Chennai Fur
Amur Darkness Fur
Amur Peanut Brittle Fur

We’re confident that you’ll enjoy using our animated WK Tiger Tip Jar 2.0 as much as we enjoyed creating it for you.

~Wild Kajaera

2 thoughts on “WK Tiger Tip Jar 2.0

    • We were overwhelmed with the demand for the tip jars they seem to be a must have. The Wolf Jars are available now and the all the others will be out soon. Stay tuned to this channel and we will keep you up today as best we can.

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