Update to the website

There has been a update to the website. This has mainly effected the grids of the pages. The update has also effected the color themes that we had available not all of them were kept in this update we don’t know why, it is just something that changed. New schemes are available in addition to most of the old ones.

If you are having issues with the pages first thing to try is clear your history or your stored cash or cookies for the website, next restart your browser and finally relog into your portal account.  If your still not seeing things correctly and have a new color scheme in place contact a CSR for more information.

Rest assured any issue with the pages are not effecting your animals in anyway shape or form.

Under MOOG on the Big Cat you may find the listing at the bottom for the new hybrids and some have asked to see what they look like and below you will find a group photo.



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