Cat Hang Out Tree –

We have been fielding a lot of questions about the climb tree button that is in the cats menu under interacts.  This button works with the Cat Hang Out Tree or the Oak tree designed for us by Lilith Heart of Heart and Heart Landscaping.  This will send the cat up the tree and the tree comes in 3 colors spring winter and autumn each sold separately.

In case you missed it the Cat Hang Out Tree has had a update too.  If you edit your tree and do not see a “Cat Hangout – main 1.6” and a “Cat Hangout – timer 1.6” in the content tab ask in the WK Wild Kajaera Support Group and any one of the CSRs can get you a updated set of the new scripts to replace the older script/s.  DO NOT SEND THE TREE to US we will send you the scripts. The group join is secondlife:///app/group/a754e686-96df-567a-660d-a37c01d7b862/about.  If you need further assistance and can’t join the group contact Kassidy Jameson our lead CSR.

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