Coal Dust

The one request we keep getting from breeders is to find a way to make more of an ultra rare fur that is slower to come in and we keep looking for ways to do this. We have tried doing this through Exclusive Furs but these apparently are not rare enough.


Introducing the Amur Tigers first Ultra Rare Fur!! You may have heard the whispers that there is a new fur floating around called Coal Dust.  This fur was first found about two months ago. Its numbers are still very low and we are watching the pace in which they have been coming in.  They have a extremely slim chance of periodically coming in randomly at level 45, as well as ancestrally from the bottom rows.

2 thoughts on “Coal Dust

  1. So does this mean ONLY A LEVEL 45 cat can randomly drop a Coal Dust fur? Or does it mean level 45 or higher? (Not counting ancestrally, of course.) So for instance, if I have a pair of L45 cats, they have a chance of randomly dropping the fur but if I have a pair of L46 cats they do NOT have the chance, right?

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